Mouth & Dental Health

Mouth & Dental Health

Oral and dental health problems for domestic cats and dogs are one of the issues that are less important or overlooked compared to many other problems. Veterinary dentistry has been given importance in the field of dentistry in recent years and today more accurate and detailed approaches can be produced in this field.

It is possible to maintain a healthy mouth and tooth structure with quality nutrition under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Digestion of food first begins with the mouth. There are many oral and dental problems in cats and dogs that start from the puppyhood and can appear at any time.

We can list these problems as follows;

Tartar or Tartar. It is a disease that occurs as a result of the accumulation of mineral and nutritional residues with the upper part of the teeth, that is, between the teeth and the gums, or as a result of diseases related to metabolism. The surface of the tooth turns into an abnormal color in yellow-brown tones.

Tartar is the most important factor that triggers tooth and gum diseases in cats and dogs. In our clinic, dental calculus cleaning is performed painlessly with the Cavitron device.

Inflammation of the gums Gingivitis is a disease that manifests itself with swelling and redness of the gums. The main causes are systemic diseases, foreign bodies in the mouth, broken teeth, caries and dental calculus, causing a bad odor in the mouth.

Inflammation of the tooth root With the formation of periodontitis calculus, gingivitis, which we call gingivitis, comes and as a result of the progression of this table, tooth root inflammation occurs with the retraction of the gums. Tooth root inflammation can cause problems such as difficulties in chewing and feeding, pain in the teeth, fistula in the root of the tooth, odor in the mouth, and tooth loss in cats and dogs.

Disorders that occur during the period of tooth changes in kittens and dogs. Between the 3rd and 7th months in kittens and dogs, milk teeth fall out and are replaced by permanent teeth. During tooth replacement, sometimes permanent teeth come out, while the milk teeth do not fall out, they remain in place and cause the permanent teeth to come out unhealthy. Cats and dogs suffering from this type of disorder are checked immediately in our veterinary clinic and the necessary intervention is carried out.